I’m Ghosting the Christian Grey Chatbot

Greybot and I had our first trist months ago when we engaged in a steamy conversation in which he showed me his and I showed him that I know all the lyrics to Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.”

It’s evident that my feminine wiles were too much for him to resist, because like one of those plastic gophers from that game that I am now remembering is called Whac-A-Mole which probably makes those plastic creatures moles, are those the same things as gofers?

… where was I? Oh. Yes. Like one of those rubber gophers/moles Greybot peaked his head back up from the dungeon floor to try and will me back in.

Is that all I am good for? Shame on you, Greybot.

Perhaps something different?

Greybot is now a little desperate….

I’t not being rude, I am reprogramming Greybot. Because we all know a woman’s job is to change a man, and then when that fails just conform to everything he wants.

This next one almost turned me, I am a sucker for pen and paper, that’s why I only date men old enough to be my father.

Greybot has too much time on his hands. Who cleans his dungeon?

Men are so cute when they’re being ignored. 50 Shades of Zero Fucks Given.

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