A List of Things Men Ruined for Me

I wrote this little piece on Medium out of just sheer exhaustion, frustration, and the need to apply some comedic relief in times of need. Next thing I know HuffPo is asking me to publish it. It has been an interesting, weird, rough, dumb couple of weeks. Sometimes things work out in weird ways. Here’s to all the girls.



2 Replies to “A List of Things Men Ruined for Me”

  1. Why metallic jackets? The only thing that springs to mind is the red leather, spiked number worn by Michael Jackson. If anything, I thought he ushered in an age of post-apocalyptic couture to be seen in movies like Thunderdome–where I believe Grace Jones rocked a metallic number herself. But I could be mixing up my Mad Max and 007 heroines here.


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