Current State in the Writing Process: Waiting for the Messiah

It sounds like completing your magnum opus would be a piece of cake, once you learn how to effectively work the term into everyday conversation. Surprisingly, though, I have found that is not the case.

So what do you do until it is magically complete? Until sudden fame hits you over the head with a sparkly rock? Well your first option —the one for the  type-A camp who find color-coated bookshelves arousing and always have their knives in the right slots— is to just keep pounding away at it. Lock yourself in a room, preferably dark with a little oil lamp and some sort of shawl. Drink a lot and just keep going. Push through the tears and the Carpal Tunnel and pray that gets you where you need to be.

The second option, and my own personal favorite, is to just wait for a miracle. Twiddle your thumbs, take long naps. This one also requires you to be in the dark because you can’t afford electricity. You can pray here too, but that’s just  extra unnecessary exertion.  Just to be safe, though, will it to be — with the least amount of effort — that some great power that exists in this universe  bring about some phenomenon in the form of you being able to do absolutely nothing and get everything you want.

I grew up orthodox, so naturally now, that I’m in my twenties, I am a quasi- atheist. It also means I am a foxhole believer. And sometimes my foxhole is just Mondays.




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