When Trump Hosts SNL

Well it seems that despite our best efforts we are going to keep getting more of the Trump. This time as a host on SNL, which he is probably more suited for than behind a podium at the presidential debate.

So many scenarios could happen. So many things could be said. So much of the Trump. So much stuff. Here’s what I expect:

1. A Fox Newsroom sketch. Possibly ending with Megan Kelly in a Jell-O fight.

2. A Trump as the actual president sketch. Probably ending in Megan Kelly in a Jell-O fight.

3. A porn sketch featuring Trump and Trump’s Hair.

4. I don’t want Ivanka involved in any way, but come on.

5. At least three you’re fired‘s.

6.  Musical guest Bette Midler.

7.  I’d just like to see one sketch with Trump dressed up as Hilary Clinton. Don’t ask me why. Maybe a mile in her shoes or something…

8.  A sketch in which Trump plays a middle school teacher and must tell young girls they’re the bright future leaders of the world. If he laughs, he gets slapped with a ruler.

9. The Weekend Update featuring no Trump news.

10. At the end it’s just an episode of The Twilight Zone and Trump is actually just a permutation of that dream everyone has where their teeth fall out.

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