It’s Pitbull! It’s Pitbull! Nooo It’s A Podcast

Don’t have a hilarious rambling post for you today. Nope. Instead I have the inaugural episode of a podcast I started called Fully Loaded.

Here’s about it…

Well hello there we are John and Daniella and welcome to Fully Loaded’s inaugural podcast!

Fully Loaded aims to be the chaotic love child of pop culture and excessive drinking. Each podcast will try to match up whatever thing we choose to talk about—be it the zombie apocalypse, sitcoms, video games, books, music that makes us vomit—with a fitting alcoholic beverage. Sometimes we get lazy and fall back on a poor man’s version of gin and tonics.

This week we bring you some Zombie chatter.  Mostly George A. Romero’sLiving Dead series with a sprinkling of some other popular Zombie films, and of course The Walking Dead.  

If you enjoy listening to our first ever podcast then stay-tuned because later this week we’ll drop some a recording of us watching Night of the Living Dead.

To learn more about us, stalk us, ask us questions, give us your love and devotion, you can find us at these convenient internet-located homes.

John Saavedra


Daniella Bondar


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